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The ReadFi project is determined to rehabilitate the blockchain community to devote some of their daily time to reading and to encourage its users to read daily through the read 2 earn mechanism. The ReadFi project intends to use all its power to integrate reading and today’s virtual world to integrate reading into today’s virtual world. Read 2 earn software and Metaverse Library projects are some of the future plans of this project.

What are we offering

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ReadFi is a Metaverse lifestyle app with built-in cultural relationships and Social-Fi.

Read 2 Earn

Users equip themselves with Glasses NFTs and by reading Books they get the chance to Earn $RDF tokens that can be used within the platform or cashed out for profit.

Earn With Reference

Invite your friends to reading events and earn crypto.

Social Development

The ReadFi Project is the First in the blockchain universe and has been developed to be a platform where people can develop and gain Culturally.

Developing Technology

While ReadFi aims to lead many people to a more cultural lifestyle and connect them to the Metaverse universe, it simultaneously adheres to the Social-Fi direction to create a long-lasting platform that supports Web 3.0 and Metaverse content.


It has been developed in the metaverse universe, which is now another universe of our world, in order to give the greatest support to people in the cultural sense.


The app already in the beta version and in-use with more than +1k accounts in phase II (testing phase)

Find a NFT that's right for you

Glasses That Can Change How You See The World.

Our Roadmap

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Web developments

Metaverse beta version

Mobile app beta version

Private sale & presale round

$RDF token

Trust Wallet integration

Token public sale & DEX listing

Security audits

Token airdrop for early users

Multi-language support

Read 2 Earn Function

$RDF Launch on Solana


Learn & Earn campaigns

VIP membership model

ReadFi V2.0 upgrade

$RDF token as governance

ReadFi digital Publishing

ReadFi Earn - Phase 2

3rd CEX Listing

Authors Fund program

DAO curated platform

Fiat payments integration

Bug Bounty

Listing on first cex (top 10 tier)

ReadFi Earn - staking mechanism

Marketing campaign

DeFi instruments

NFT Collections

2nd CEX Listing

Mobile app alpha version

Metaverse Beta II version

Metaverse signing ceremony

NFT marketplace launch

Buyback Program

Metaverse alpha version(Read city)

Rank 1st Cex listing

ReadFi ecosystem

Young authors Festival

ReadFi Music project

ReadFi Social Engagement Features

Content Personalization Engine

Activity Feed

Readgram (social media app)

Meet the ReadFi Team

These people work on making ReadFi better.

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Marketing Manager
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